Help us choose the right General tire.

We are so excited! Our newest partner in making our travel dream come true will supply us with some brand spanking new Gereral Tires . A big thanks to Inter-Sprint Banden BV who is giving us the challange to pick the best tire for our 2018 Pan American trip.

But what do we know? We have never driven the van outside Europe, and have no idea what road conditions we can expect from Canada to Argentina. So we kindly ask you, vanlifers, overlanders and adventurers for advise on tire choice.

There is a lot to choose from! After some advice we will try to pick a set from the Inter-Sprint page out of the General 4×4/SUV Summer section. If you have any tips or thoughts please share them below this post or you can let us know on our Instagram or Facebook . Any information will be highly payed for in the form a beer when we ever cross roads!

We plan to travel from Canada to Argentina so we will see some rough roads. We are currently on 16″ Mercedes rims 7″ wide. We love us some extra air, at the moment we are bouncing around on a 205/80 high tire. But the rims will hold up to a max 225mm wide tire, minimum is 195mm. We replace the original 14″ for 16″ to get a better ratio on our upgraded engine from 1.7 to a 1.9 diesel, and of course because it looks cool! In the picture we are halfway through the wheel change.

Thanks Inter-Sprint Banden and anybody willing to share thoughts!

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  1. This week I had a nail removed from my car tire. The mechanic noticed it whilst he did an oil change.
    I have really tried to clear the construction nails from our driveway. Not sure where my tire picked up the nail. Cost to repair it was 50 dollars. I sent that amount to you via PayPal just in case you need to repair a tire. Mike and I are in Dorset.Hope your travels are going well. Love Ruth

    1. Dear Ruth,
      Thank you so much for everything you have given us during our stay in Dorset, specially the talks and the expiriances!
      We are pretty sure we dont have a nail in our tire, but we will keep this gift save where it is so whenever we have a flat we think of you guys.
      hope you guys have a good weekend in Dorset and that our paths will cros again in the future.
      All our love, Desy, Tijs, and Paco.

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