The Financial side of it all. Not the most fun part, but if we want to hit the road in the spring of 2018 it is not something we can simply ignore.

Besides from saving money from my monthly pay we will be depending on sponsors. The financial goal is €20.000 to travel for at least 2 years, a list of expenses can be find on the this page where we explain our dream.

In order to get sponsors I have often said “I would sell my soul to anybody who would sponsor me to travel the rest of my life”. We are well aware that with just my soul for sale we would not get sponsored at all so we need something more appealing for sponsors.

Without even trying a VW van is appealing to almost everybody, in full travel gear it will turn heads even more. Imagine this van decorated with the logo of your company, or your brand name, this will be seen everywhere me and the van show up. Your name or brand will also show in all the videos and pictures that will show on this website and other Dreams on wheels media such as Facebook, youtube and Instagram

This website gets visitors from all over, travelers, dreamers, followers or people we will meet all along way. The travel blog section will be updated constantly with new posts, pictures and videos. In these posts sponsor logos and names will shown and mentioned. There will be a banner showing under every page with links connecting to all the sponsors.

Trying to get commercial sponsors we will contact companies, asking them to invite us for a personal presentation on why they should sponsor us and what we have to offer to one another.

With all these sponsor options all the money needed will be in the pocket in no time! So in the end I can decide to keep my soul for myself, everything else is “for sale” to make my Dreams on wheels a success!

You might be interested in sponsoring me, or maybe you have a contact who could have interest, if so please contact me and make dreams happen! logo-roughside