Getting down south.

Spending time with family is something that will always fill my heart with pure joy and happiness, “just visiting” meant that we could camp, swim, shower, poop and pee all we wanted just for 0,50 per day, that what you call a good deal! Not even gone for a week and we were back in a comfortable situation, we stayed for 2 nights before taking of to drive more south. next to visit was the aqua-duct Pont du Gard, so we got back on the road after getting a fresh supply of gas that ran out 2 days after take off.

IMG_1414 castle tower

The drive down to the aqua-duct gave of more characteristic villages, strange how fast these sights start to be normal. What is not normal is the sight we were about to see, but because it being a big touristic sight we had to pay 18,- just to park and for entrance to the whole park. We walked up the park and soon enough we were stunned by the size and the structure of this huge aqua-duct! I guess we are all told in school about aqua-ducts and the whole deal with the Romans and so on, but no history class prepared me for this. Wile being amazed by the whole thing all I could think was “these Romans were crazy” never liked the whole idea about the Romans but this made me appreciate them a bit more for what they were. There is not much I can say to really describe the aqua duct, the pictures we took don’t do it all the right that it deserves but at least it gives a clear idea of what we saw this day.

aquaduct riverside spot

After hanging around the aqua-duct we decided to get some pizza and find a place to sleep close by. In the end the pizza took over a hour to be done witch gave me time to find a spot next to the river that is crossed by the aqua-duct down stream. Not succeeding in catching a fish starts to be a everyday thing, so I decided to give it a shot again before the sun set all the way. We settled for the night when I realized we are on the road for a week already, time is flying!

brak water


Next morning we set of to drive to the sea, through more villages that normally only a appear in dreams. When we finally drove parallel to the sea, it turned out to be not all that easy to find a spot that would be okay to spent the night. After some cruising we crossed a town called Port-la-Nouvelle. this rang a bell because of doing some daydreaming on the internet before going on this trip. While at work i found myself travelling over a stretched beach by clicking the arrow on Google maps street view, not knowing we would actually pass or even camp there. This beach had a strong breeze and seemed endless, not only in length but also in depth, because of this there were a lot of kite buggy’s racing this stretched patch of beach. We parked the van next to a tree at a point where beach became land and decided this was the spot to spent the night. Despite a sign telling us we could not spent the night here more vans ended up on the beach to spent the night. To my surprise a old timer motorbike complete with a sidecar and a trailer looking like a mini caravan drove onto the beach. Obviously driving up and down looking for a place to stay the driver gave me some time to get my camera to take his picture.

bike trailer beach spot

We arrived south, from now on we would travel west to Portugal.


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