The van

Here it is, I am happy to introduce you to The Van. The second or if not the most important part of my whole dream. It was a whole process to find it buy it rebuild it and legalize it. Of course it will never really be done, and that is ok because working on the van is a big part of the fun.

Just going to write as if the van is all done and spare all of you the details of all the little things that still need to be done.

Some information about what the van really is. It is a Volkswagen Transporter 3, in the UK for some reason they call it a Transporter 2.5 and in the US it is a Vanagon. When it rolled out of the factory in Germany in 1989 it had a 1.7 Diesel engine. Apparently a 1.7 was not strong enough because it got destroyed a wile ago. Then, before it could be sold to me it was fitted with a 1.9 Diesel engine, still not all that fast but I have been told its a big improvement. This kind of van is better know as a T3, and it was the newer model of the hippie van the T1 and the T2 obviously.

Loads of different models were made, mine was a 9 person Carravelle, interior was all taken out before I got my hands on it so it was barely a 1 person version when I drove it out of the dealers.
It did however came with a almost complete Westfalia interior. So now it has way more options than it had before. A second battery for lights, running water and more of that camper stuff. Cleaning dishes will be possible because of the sink taking water out of a huge build in water tank.