The first partner in making my dream happen.

The first partner in making my dream happen is Rough-Side.

I could not have imagined that there would be a Dutch company that would fit to any overland trip as well as Rough-Side does. No other company reacted as possitif to my plans as they did. Over some beers and food we talked about my dream in the showroom of this passionate family business. Rough-Side will help me to get the van equipped, and will advise me in getting ready before 2018.


Already after this first get together they did not let me leave empty handed, making sure I could camp through comming winter they gave me this sleepingbag that would keep me warm. Beeing able to bake bread instead of panbread I got hooked up with this sweet oven that sits on top of any camping stove. In the end they came up with the brightest idea of it all, they try to convince my girl to come along on the big trip, no better way to get her some comfort in her (and ofcourse my) daily routine with this vanlife toilet, we used it that very same weekend and my girl is getting closer to jump into this big adventure! Thanks so much to Rough-Side to believe in dreams of others and to be so open and generous! With partners like this the fun starts way before even leaving home.