About me

How nice of you to check out who I am!

My name is Mattijs and I’m 30 years old.

The city of Eindhoven in the South of the Netherlands is my home. Along with other people from Eindhoven I share a weird sense of pride growing up and living here.
Naturally I am proud to say I support our local football team PSV by yelling random stuff at them during every home game in the Philips Stadion.

I have a real nice job that exists mostly out of helping to organize art fairs around Europe. This job enables me to do the things I want to do and it also made a lot of my dreams in life possible, up to this point.

I have an ever growing love for travelling and old vehicles. By now I have seen some different parts of the world, every time I do a trip my desire to travel grows bigger. Combined, the love for travelling and for old timers results in the ultimate dream; travelling the world in my van. One day this dream will come true.